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KVM, in short for “Keyboard, Video, Mouse Switch”, is a 1U console rack-mountable in 19’’ cabinet. As with the implication of its name, a KVM switch allows for the access and control of multiple operating systems with the same keyboard, video display and mouse. Practical functions of KVM come into action when users need to alternate between various operating systems, especially in
the development of a cross-platform application, and yet do not have the luxury of space to accommodate more than a single controlling computer. With the ability to support 8 or more operating
systems at any one time, users are provided with the option of monitoring and controlling the operating systems connected by simply pressing the button on the KVM. Connections to KVM switches come in the form of the commonly used USB ports and the conventional PS/2 or serial ports

• 1 PS/2 console controls up to 16 directly connected computers
• Support an optional remote console (Cat5 based or Over-IP) *Optional
• CAT5 console up to 1000 feet away from KVM switch with superior auto-adjust RGB gain/delay control capability. *Optional
• Support multiple form – PS/2 and USB computers (SUN and MAC)
• Support DOS, Windows, Netware, Unix, Linux, Mac OS
• Hot Pluggable - Add or remove connected PCs without having to power down the KVM switch or PCs
• Superior video quality - Up to 1280 x 1024, DDC2B
• No software required - easy PC selection via Push Buttons, Hot Keys or OSD (on screen display)
• Support Daisy Chaining up to 7 additional units
• Auto Scan Mode for monitoring PCs
• Firmware upgradeable for staying compatible with new coming computers
• Metal case, rack mountable Support DDC2B for all ports